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An unsentimental education

Margaret Atwood has some pertinent advice for authors embarking on their first reading tour: pack your cold and flu medication. And not just any antihistamine or pain reliever. With the fervour and conviction of a recent convert, Atwood recommends Cold-fX, a herbal anti-cold concoction favoured by NHL players, and Fisherman’s Friend lozenges to prevent throat infections. Atwood reveals these trade secrets in a very funny interview in Maisonneuve. The interviewer, first-time author Matthew Fox, had not received the full galleys of Atwood’s new collection of non-fiction in time for the interview, a fact that Atwood quickly clued into. Atwood then turned the tables on Fox, asking him about his own fledgling writing career and leading to the kind of witty and revealing repartee missing from most author Q&As.

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