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City of Squirrels, the blog of web designer Rik Abel, has a rather vitriolic review of the launch of Bruce Mau’s new book, Massive Change, at a Toronto Indigo store. Abel is a big fan of Mau’s and was intrigued by the famous designer’s talk on his new book. But as Abel reports, the evening was rather overshadowed by the presence of Mau’s onstage interviewer, Heather Reisman: “I disliked her from the outset, when she introduced herself as ‘CEO of Indigo, but I prefer to call myself Chief Book Lover.’ Wow, that sounded spontaneous and unrehearsed, and that explains why all the stores in the ChIndigo juggernaut are increasingly filled with non-book items such as yoga mats, pilates kits and cookware.”

Abel was further mortified when he saw Reisman seated next to Mau at the book-signing table: “She didn’t actually intend to sign books, did she? This book that she had absolutely nothing to do with the conception, creation or production of? Surely not even she could have such off-the-scale egomania? I was very afraid. And then, yes, the customer before me – Bruce signs her book, passes it along, Reisman signs it! Wow!”

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