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Five designers pick their favourite covers of the year


McGill-Queen's University Press catalogue, Spring 2015Designed by David Drummond

McGill-Queen’s University Press catalogue, Spring 2015
Designed by David Drummond

The simple fact that publishers’ catalogues tend to fly under the public radar doesn’t mean they’re easy to design. After you get a dozen or so under your belt, you start to worry that there are no more book-related, seasonally appropriate ideas left: books falling, springing, wearing scarves – you’ve done it all. Then you see this sly yet completely fucking obvious solution to the same brief you’ve read year after year and yell, “Drum-mond!” while pumping your fist in the air and feeling like a complete hack. (Or is it just me that does this?) That’s a great feeling, and this is a great cover. – David A. Gee