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Manager of Selection and Cataloguing

Library Services Centre Published: January 3, 2020
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The Library Services Centre (LSC) has an opening for a new Manager of Selection and Cataloguing after our current excellent incumbent was poached from us.

A total of 25 staff report to this position in two areas:

Selection: responsible for the creation and management of the selection tools that LSC offers our client libraries.  A major part of this is the operation of hundreds of custom Automatic Release Plans (ARPs) totalling millions of dollars of materials selection for clients.  Since all material is returnable – getting this right is a major task.

Cataloguing: responsible for the group that handles the creation of more than 50,000 MARC records annually.  These records are in all formats and more than 20 languages.  Meeting the high expectations of our many client libraries for quality and content with the most cost effective solutions is a constant challenge here.

The ideal candidate will have a strong entrepreneurial streak: able to constantly evolve processes to meet expanding needs in the most cost effective manner.  LSC is not a library – we are funded through the provision of value to libraries.  Constant innovation is a requirement.

The ideal candidate will have a strong sense of professional librarianship: LSC is a not-for-profit.  We do not seek to make money from the provision of our services.  Our focus is always on the needs of our libraries – not making money for owners.

In a perfect world, we will find someone who is a professional librarian, experienced manager, with a great record of accomplishment and strong ties to the Canadian public library community.

The world is not perfect – so please tell us about yourself and how you would tackle this exciting position.

Find more information about us on our website: www.lsc.on.ca

The position is located at LSC’s offices at 131 Shoemaker St., Kitchener, ON N2E 3B5. The position is open now and will be filled as soon as the right candidate is found.  Apply before January 24th to ensure that you are fully considered.  This position reports to LSC’s Chief Executive Officer.

Resumes or questions can be sent to: hr@lsc.on.ca