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P.E.I. journalist recruits Goodall, Suzuki, Hawking for environmental book

Todd MacLean

Todd MacLean

Although it is only being released on Oct. 31*, Todd MacLean’s Global Chorus: 365 Voices on the Future of the Planet (Rocky Mountain Books) is already a top pre-order on Amazon.ca and a top 25 environmental title on the retail website.

The illustrated book of “daily meditations” was compiled and edited by MacLean, mostly “in his pyjamas on a couch in a farmhouse in rural P.E.I.” It features perspectives from an impressive cast of experts and celebrities, including David Suzuki, Jane Goodall, Nelson Mandela, Stephen Hawking, Justin Trudeau, the Dalai Lama, and Stephen Lewis.

“It’s not a necessity to have another book filled with facts on how bad the world’s current environmental state is, but rather we seem to need to find ways to talk to each other about what we’re experiencing, and if and how we can make it better,” MacLean says. “Talking about these kinds of issues is something we are entirely not doing enough of in 2014.”

MacLean conceived Global Chorus in spring 2010, and with very few connections and little experience in publishing, the Charlottetown journalist and musician boldly reached out to a list of public figures, who agreed to provide contributions for free.

“I am here to tell you that it seems as though astounding things can be accomplished in today’s world through cordial, patient, persistent, and genuinely appreciative email communication,” MacLean says.

After he had a few big names on board – David Suzuki being the first – MacLean began promoting the book online, and through his agent Drea Cohane of the Rights Factory*, secured Rocky Mountain Books as a publisher.

“Interest was very strong across the board,” says RMB publisher Don Gorman. “Pre-publication support from Indigo and Amazon was certainly positive, and more will start embracing Global Chorus as more and more folks continue talking about the project.”

All proceeds from the book will go to the David Suzuki Foundation, the Jane Goodall Institute, and the Canadian Red Cross.

*Update, Oct. 20: This article has been updated to include a new release date and agent information.