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Wright across Canada

National Post reporter Isabel Vincent has filed the second installment in her look at the publication of Richard B. Wright’s new novel, Adultery. Part one looked at the marketing plan and spotlighted HarperCollins Canada publicity director Rob Firing. Part two deals with the aftermath of the release-date reviews in the Globe and Post. Both stories highlight the publisher’s unusual strategy of withholding advance looks at the book before the release date. Says Bolen Books’ Robert Wiersema in the second piece: “Everyone wanted to know if Richard’s next book was going to be as good as Clara Callan, but because nobody had read it we didn’t know what to say. And this was a problem because all of Richard’s books in the past sold by word of mouth. What we have with Adultery is the publisher going into blockbuster-movie mode.”

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September 27th, 2004

12:00 am

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