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Man keeps expensive Stephen King habit

Stephen King fans around the world watched as the right to name a zombie in his forthcoming novel was auctioned off on eBay. The auction was held to raise money for the First Amendment Project, a non-profit that defends writers’ and artists’ right to freedom of speech. eBay’s most-watched item at the time, the auction was won by Florida resident Pam Alexander. Paying $25,100, she beat out the bid’s next contender, Paul Stegman of Nebraska, who was ready to mortgage his home to cough up the needed funds. “How many times do you have the opportunity to purchase immortality?” said Stegman, who owns 300 King books.

King was just one of many authors donating the right to name a character in this first round of auctions for the Oakland-based not-for-profit. The second round of auctions continues on through Sept. 26 and offers the right to name a character from books by John Grisham, Dave Eggers, and Neil Gaiman to respective highest bidders.

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