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The Graduate author graduates to a sequel… 40 years later

Sure, we gripe about the gaps between our fave authors masterpieces, but few can come close to the four decades The Graduate author Charles Webb has made us endure, waiting to find out what happened to Benjamin Braddock et al.

The gang’s all here in a sequel to the hit 1963 novel, and Webb has a publishing deal in place. CNN reported last week that Random House plans “to publish the book in Britain next year. It has world rights to the novel, but has not announced a U.S. publication date.” And what compelled Webb to bust out his pen and finish that bad boy?

Impending homelessness, apparently.

After he and his wife Fred were faced with eviction, he hustled his unfinished sequel into the hands of possible publishers to secure an advance – and the resulting £30,000 should indeed tidy that little matter up. Webb, who didn’t receive any money from the hit 1967 film adaptation, gave away much of the money he received from his book and, at one point during the 1980s, was living out of a van.

And his excuse for his record writer’s block? “It was quite a while till I could figure out what they did next,” he said.

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