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Children's book writing: it's not rocket science, apparently

Or astrophysics, for that matter.

Theoretical physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking is going to put his magnificent super-brain to writing a children’s book, according to the Guardian.

During a lecture in Hong Kong yesterday, Hawking announced that he’s teaming up with his daughter Lucy “to write a book aimed at readers in the age group that likes to read of Harry Potter’s adventures.” Said Lucy, “It is a story for children which explains the wonders of the universe.”

According to The New York Times, Hawking described the book as being “like Harry Potter in the universe, about science, no magic.”

The only question that remains is whether children will actually read it – or just leave it on the coffee table to impress their playdates, à la A Brief History of Time.

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June 14th, 2006

12:00 am

Category: Authors

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