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Stranger than fiction

Ian McEwanBritish author Ian McEwan’s life contains as great a plot twist as any he has ever written – a long-lost brother. According to a CNN report (taken from an article in the Oxford Mail), McEwan learned of his brother’s existence several years ago and they have built a relationship. The story became public only this week when David Sharp, 64, spoke to the media about his connection to McEwan.

Sharp, who was born after McEwan’s mother had an affair while her husband fought in the Second World War, was given up for adoption in 1942. His adoptive parents picked him up at a railway station after answering a newspaper advertisement. The ad read: “Wanted, home for baby boy aged one month: complete surrender.”

McEwan’s mother ended up marrying her lover after her first husband died in the war, and she gave birth to the future author in 1948. Sharp now plans to write his life story, titling the book Complete Surrender.