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Freedom Day at the Q&Q home office

Our undying thanks to the Friends of Q&Q who managed to smuggle a small carton of the new Stephen Colbert ice cream all the way from Rochester, New York, to our downtown Toronto HQ. Ice cream + fudge-covered waffles + caramel = the sweet taste of liberty. Seriously, people, it’s insanely good – and you can’t get it here in Canada, because (according to an apparent Ben & Jerry’s statement posted on this website):

Sadly at this time we do not have plans to introduce Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream outside of the United States. The Canadian market gets far fewer Ben & Jerry’s options based upon production capabilities for Ben & Jerry’s in Canada (most of the Canadian product is made in Ontario) including issues like packaging redesign, labeling laws etc., and importation quotas on ice cream. All these complex pieces are part of our international marketing strategy.

Now, we at Q&Q don’t like to throw the word “boycott” around, but, well, we’ve heard that money talks.

(Or you could sign this petition.)

Oh, and, um, yes, there is a book connection. Stephen Colbert’s I Am America (And So Can You!) will be published this fall by Grand Central Publishing, distributed here in Canada by H.B. Fenn and Company.