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Heard & Overheard (BOOKED! "Men of Letters" Edition)

Harbourfront’s Geoffrey Taylor, on whether he was nervous before the first-ever BOOKED event: “There’s a lot of good bars around here; I don’t know if you’ve noticed.”

Ray Robertson, on reading from a novel that won’t be published for another two months: “I’ve never read from a book where there are no books available…. I can try anything, and it doesn’t matter, cuz you can’t buy the book.”

David Gilmour: “I can never imagine listening to four different readers in a row. I can barely stand listening to myself.”

David Gilmour, on a frequent theme of his writing: “I have a lot of practice getting over women.”

Bakka-Phoenix Bookstore’s Chris Szego, on her busy Friday night: “I’ll be at the Jack Awards, then the Penguin party, then I’m running back for the Stephen King [event, where Szego will be selling books] … I think I won’t be going in to work Saturday morning.”


June 8th, 2007

9:51 am

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