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He's back: HarperCollins buys Frey novel

Disgraced memoirist James Frey – who was made a star when Oprah Winfrey chose his book A Million Little Pieces for her book club, then humiliated when she berated him for embellishing the facts in said book – is showing signs of getting his career back on track.

After the Pieces scandal broke, Frey’s publisher, Riverhead, bailed on a deal to release his following two books. Now, The Wall Street Journal reports, HarperCollins Canada has bought Frey’s first novel (insert the snide aside of your choice here).

Bright Shiny Morning will appear in summer 2008; according to the WSJ story, “The new book is set in contemporary Los Angeles and tracks the lives of various characters from different backgrounds. These include a male movie star, a Mexican maid, and a homeless man from Venice Beach.” No word on whether there’s a subplot involving a misunderstood artiste and a mean talk-show host.