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Vote for your favourite East Coast author

Colleagues (and buddies) Stephen Clare and Trevor Adams of Halifax Magazine are looking to find the top 100 Atlantic Canadian books ever written. They plan to compile their findings in a book called Spindrift, but first they need your help.

By way of methodology, we are polling over 1,500 writers, readers, and literary people of all sorts across the country to submit their “Top 10” list of fiction/non-fiction works from the East Coast.

So please, share your favourites with us. Feel free to include comments on the books you choose and why they’re important to you.

The only criterion is that the author(s) be from Atlantic Canada and/or lived in the region for a significant period during their writing careers.

Clare and Adams are both youngish fellows who write about “trends” and “culture” for the “increasing cosmopolitan population” in Atlantic Canada’s largest city. All the same, it’ll be interesting to see how many stories about crusty fishermen and remote villages end up in their ambitious book. The editors are asking readers to send their choices to [email protected].


August 26th, 2008

11:47 am

Category: Authors