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The scents of CanLit

Following up on our earlier post about the new Danielle Steel perfume, we thought we’d offer some fragrance suggestions for our own literary stars:

Wayne Johnston’s Terre Neuve “ Cod oil, salt water, and seal blubber combined in one haunting, historically epic fragrance.

Michael Ondaatje’s Divisadero “ A puzzling perfume that begins one way and ends another. You’ll never be sure what you are smelling.

Souvenirs of Douglas Coupland “ The smell of today and tomorrow and the day after! Contains essences of bubble tea, Red Bull, and bad office coffee.

Alice Munro’s The Scent of a Good Woman “ A fragrance that is dependable, trustworthy, and utterly devoid of flash. It’s not your mother’s perfume “ though it may be her mother’s.

What is Stephen Harper Smelling? by Yann Martel “ The patron scent of lost causes! Equal parts piquant and pedantic, this relentless fragrance reminds you, over and over and over again, of its own importance.