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James Frey, Bible-writer

In an attempt to extend his already overextended 15 minutes of fame, James Frey will be putting his factual-fictive writing style to use to write the third book of the Bible.

From the Guardian:

“It’s the third book of the Bible, called The Final Testament of the Holy Bible,” he told interviewer and fellow author Stephen Elliott. “My idea of what the Messiah would be like if he were walking the streets of New York today. What would he believe? What would he preach? How would he live? With who?”


Frey said his version would see Jesus living with a prostitute. “It doesn’t matter how or who you love. I don’t believe the Messiah would condemn gay men and women,” he said. Judas, meanwhile, would be the “same as he was two thousand years ago”, a “selfish man who thinks of himself before the good of humanity, who values money more than love.”

Sounds like a holiday bestseller in the making.


December 16th, 2008

11:57 am

Category: Authors

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