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CTV adapts Spalding’s Who Named the Knife?

On Jan. 7, CTV will air Of Murder and Memory, a fictionalized adaptation of Linda Spalding’s 2006 true crime memoir Who Named the Knife? Spalding’s book centres on the trial of Maryann Acker, who was arrested with her husband in California in connection with a robbery and murder spree. Acker was convicted of first-degree murder in 1982 — largely due to her husband’s testimony — and is serving two life sentences. Who Named the Knife? chronicles Spalding’s personal involvement in the murder case — first, as a juror for the trial, and then some 20 years later as she re-examines both the case and Acker’s life, after finding the diary Spalding kept during the trial.

The cast includes Annabel Gish as Sally Linden, Chandra West as Theresa Nichol, and Hugh Dillon as Vincent Nichol.


January 6th, 2009

1:49 pm

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