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Robert J. Sawyer hosts new TV series

Robert J. Sawyer, dubbed “Canada’s dean of science fiction,” has been very busy lately. He has a new novel coming out this season, he will be writer-in-residence at Canadian Light Source, “Canada’s largest particle accellerator” “ this Quillblogger isn’t sure exactly what that means, so don’t bother asking “ and beginning Jan. 27, he will be hosting a new documentary series on Vision TV.

The series, entitled Supernatural Investigator, makes its debut tomorrow. From Channel Canada:

Supernatural Investigator takes a critical look at otherworldly happenings in an attempt to separate fact from fiction. Each half-hour documentary follows an expert investigator as he or she brings rigorous, real-life scrutiny to a search for the truth behind so-called paranormal phenomena.

If this sounds like a Canadian version of Mythbusters, the description of the first episode indicates that the new series will have a more … um … otherworldly bent. The inaugural episode apparently attempts to prove or disprove the existence of the Antichrist:

In this episode, paranormal filmmaker Michael MacDonald searches high and low for the world’s most notorious villain.

No word what happens after MacDonald succeeds in locating Dick Cheney. You’ll have to tune in to find out.