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Philip K. Dick’s widow revives his final novel

According to The New York Times, the widow of sci-fi author Philip K. Dick has reworked his last, unfinished novel, The Owl in Daylight, and is self-releasing it through a print-on-demand publishing service.

Tessa Dick, the fifth wife of the science-fiction legend, told Self-Publishing Review, an online magazine, that her version of The Owl in Daylight seeks to express the spirit of the proposed book, about which little is known. Ms. Dick said that a letter from her husband to his editor and agent revealed plans to have a great scientist design and build a computer system and then get trapped in its virtual reality, and added: The computer would be so advanced that it developed humanlike intelligence and rebelled against its frivolous purpose of managing a theme park.

Apparently, no one bothered to inform her that the recently departed Michael Crichton had already reworked that plot several times over, with Westworld, Jurassic Park, etc. Maybe the virtual reality element will distinguish it.

Or maybe not: the Times report ends by mentioning that Tessa couldn’t get a publisher to take on the book.