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Event photos: Jon Turk (ka)yaks about his new book for Ben McNally’s The Fine Print

On Feb. 4, Ben McNally hosted author, adventurer, and semi-pro kayaker Jon Turk at the Dora Keogh in Toronto’s Danforth neighbourhood as part of his series The Fine Print. Turk was there to talk about his new book, The Raven’s Gift (St. Martin’s Press/H.B. Fenn and Company).

Picture 4

Turk regales the audience with tales of foiling a rifle-toting local with only a snowmobile, a cigarette, and a steely gaze. (All photos courtesy of The Fine Print/Ben McNally Books)

Picture 5

H.B. Fenn’s Tom Best, The Fine Print’s Holly Kent, Rupert McNally of Ben McNally Books, and Turk do an impromptu impression of Jean Chrétien’s famous “kitchen cabinet.” (I think Rupert’s playing Roy Romanow…)


February 10th, 2010

2:55 pm

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