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Twitter fuels rumours of American Psycho sequel

It appears that anything Bret Easton Ellis does is bound to provoke fascination and chatter. That includes posting to his Twitter feed.

On Saturday, Book Riot posted a series of Tweets from the author’s late-night “rave session” on the popular social media site, during which he mused publicly about the possibility of penning a sequel to his controversial 1991 novel American Psycho.

The first tweet appeared at 1 a.m. PST on March 10, and read, “1:00 AM in L.A. and sitting at my desk finishing a script and suddenly I’m making notes on where Patrick Bateman’s now and maybe he could …” There followed a flurry of tweets musing about what American Psycho‘s protagonist would be doing in 2012. These included thoughts on his favourite movie (The Help), his new favourite song (“Fix You” by Coldplay), and his relationship with new technology (“Patrick’s iPad would start speaking to him … Telling him Adele’s cover of The Cure drove him to killing, well, just about everybody …”)

The Sidney Morning Herald picked up on the Book Riot post, asking a question Quillblog is sure others have asked in the past: “Is everything OK with Bret Easton Ellis?”

From the SMH:

By the time Ellis signed off he said he had created 14 pages of notes, and was receiving ideas from his followers.

”Keeping what might be the new book under wraps for now after last night’s inspiration. But am still interested in suggestions and advice ¦ Please keep sending me ideas. You won’t get credit. But they help.”