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Happy 75! The year of the Atwood

(photo: Shannon Ross)

(photo: Shannon Ross)

Margaret Atwood may have turned 75 today, but her productivity and energy this year (as usual) was incomparable. Here are just a few highlights from Atwood’s 2014:

Releases Stone Mattress (McClelland & Stewart), her 55th book and ninth story collection

Collaborates with artist Christian Ward on a comic-book adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale for the British Library

Beau’s Brewery produces MaddAddamites NooBroo, a limited-edition gruit ale incorporating botanicals referenced in her novel MaddAddam

The patent for LongPen, Atwood’s robotic autographing device, is official

Wrote a libretto for a new chamber opera about 19th-century Mohawk poet Pauline Johnson, which premiered at Vancouver’s York Theatre

MaddAddam wins the Orion Book Award for fiction

Tapped to “retell” The Tempest for Penguin Random House’s Hogarth Shakespeare series

Writes story for Future Library project, which will remain unseen for 100 years

Posts photos with her flirty Twitter-crush, internet comedian Rob Delaney

Recites poetry for Toronto’s Art of Time Ensemble’s new production, The Poem/The Song


November 18th, 2014

2:15 pm

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