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Margaret Atwood gets romantic with East Coast filmmakers

Margaret Atwood isn’t the first author that comes to mind when one thinks of romantic comedies, but she does know a few things about telling stories on screen, as evidenced by her work as consulting producer and co-writer on the Emmy-winning adaptation of her novel The Handmaid’s Tale.

Atwood’s latest foray into the business is a far cry from the dark world of Gilead. She recently was brought in as creative consultant and script editor for Hopeless Romantic, a feature film currently in production in Halifax. The omnibus story is written and directed by six East Coast women filmmakers: Martine Blue, Deanne Foley, Latonia Hart, Ruth Lawrence, Stephanie Joline Clattenburg, and Megan Wennberg.

The Nova Scotia/Newfoundland co-production is produced by Hart, Jay Dahl, and Bill Niven.


November 2nd, 2017

2:21 pm

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