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Author profile: Trillium Book Award winner Rabindranath Maharaj

On June 15, Rabindranath Maharaj won the Trillium Book Award for his fourth novel, The Amazing Absorbing Boy (Knopf Canada).

Here is Micah Toub’s January 2010 profile of the Toronto writer:

You expect some kind of darkness, says Rabindranath Maharaj, describing the typical Canadian immigrant novel. And you have somebody ¦ encountering all sorts of discrimination and realizing, through some inner fortitude, that he has something to offer.

The 54-year-old author, a native of Trinidad who came to Canada in 1992, makes it clear that books of that ilk hold no interest for him. Though his latest novel, The Amazing Absorbing Boy (published in January by Knopf Canada), follows the template of the classic immigrant story to an extent, it’s also an attempt to add some youthful snap and levity to the genre.

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