Quill and Quire

By John MacKenzie

In his second collection of poetry, Shaken by Physics, East Coast writer John MacKenzie employs the language of science, religion, philosophy, and grammar to shake up our understanding of the landscapes we occupy and that ... Read More »

January 12, 2004 | Filed under: Poetry

By Bruce Meyer

As a literary critic, lecturer, and author, Dr. Bruce Meyer is well known for his expertise on the “Great Books” in the Western literary canon. In many ways, The Spirit Bride, Meyer’s fifth collection of ... Read More »

January 7, 2004 | Filed under: Poetry

By Sue Sinclair

In Mortal Arguments, transplanted Newfoundland poet Sue Sinclair widens her poetic vision to embrace the whole span of human existence – from birth to death. These poems dwell more on questions and images of mortality, ... Read More »

January 5, 2004 | Filed under: Poetry

By Joe Denham

Flux, the debut collection from Vancouver poet Joe Denham, is written in the roughly hewn cadences of work and pain, an all-pervading awareness of mortality, and a quiet sense of the sacred. The opening sequence of ... Read More »

January 5, 2004 | Filed under: Poetry