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Canada Reads 2014 seeks inspirational novels

Canada Reads, the CBC’s battle of the books, is underway again. The annual radio showdown seeks to elevate one book that all Canadians should read.

This year, advocates will debate not only the best book, but also the one novel that could change Canada.

Listeners are once again being asked to nominate titles for the contest. For the first time, listeners are allowed to vote for up to five titles for consideration. The 40 most popular will comprise the 2014 top 40, to be announced by Jian Ghomeshi on on Oct. 24, and will eventually be whittled down to the five books up for debate.

From CBC Books:

We want the final contenders to be great stories, but we also want them to address the issues facing Canada today. In these times of political change, economic uncertainty and civil upheaval around the world, what’s the one book we can look to for inspiration? That will compel Canadians to make a change in their lives, whether it’s at home or work, in their community, in their country or around the world? Perhaps Canada needs a novel to inspire compassion, humour, political engagement, environmental awareness, insight into the lives of First Nations, or a new lexicon for mental illness?

The debates will take place between March 3“6. Up to five novel recommendations can be submitted until Sunday, Oct. 20.


October 2nd, 2013

11:42 am

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