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Archie Comics to kill off Archie

Riverdale’s most famous redhead, Archie Andrews, will meet his demise in an upcoming issue this July.

According to CNN, Archie Comics plans a bloody conclusion to its Life with Archie series, which imagines possible future scenarios for the eternal teenager, including marriages to Betty and Veronica.

In a statement, Archive Comics publisher and co-chief executive Jon Goldwater says, Archie dies as he lived “ honorably, and saving the life of a friend. It’s a fitting end to our flagship title, ˜Life with Archie,’ and truly showcases what Archie’s meant to fans for over 70 years. He’s the best of us, and a hugely important part of pop culture. This is comic book history.

The death doesn’t affect the original Archie series, which has been running since 1941.