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Bookmarks: The Golden Compass stays on one shelf, Alice Walker goes to Emory, and more

Some book-related links:

  • The Golden Compass not pulled from library reading contest after complaint (The Sudbury Star)
  • Alice Walker’s papers go to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia (The Associated Press)
  • A lot of nerds “ and Quillbloggers (same thing, really) “ are happy today: Peter Jackson will produce the Hobbit movies (The Guardian)
  • U of W bookstore takes over neighbouring army surplus store (The Winnipeg Sun)
  • What to do when a former president visits your bookstore (Los Angeles Times)
  • Menus as literature (The New York Times)
  • The tall guy from Little Britain to write kids’ books “ they’ll probably be very funny but a little repetitive (BBC News)
  • Edmund Wilson: king of the lit crits (The Guardian)
  • Age guidelines on U.K. books (The Book Standard)