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Bookmarks: online shoppers prefer books, kids ought to read, sci-fi space gods are dumb, and other shockingly obvious book news

Some book-related links:

  • Books are tops amongst the world’s online shoppers (The Guardian)
  • Apparently, reading is good for kids, so they should do it more (Toronto Star)
  • The dumbest space gods in science fiction (io9)
  • Will Ferrell “ yes, that Will Ferrell “ wins James Joyce Award (Canadian Press)
  • Zagat restaurant guides to be sold? (The Mercury News)
  • Welsh writers in digital archive spat with National Library of Wales (BBC News)
  • Nine (American) destinations for bookstore connoisseurs (The News & Observer)
  • Professional radio vulgarian Don Imus sued by publisher of presidential bio (CNN.com)
  • Three Little Pigs update turned down for award for potential offence (Journal Live)