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Bookmarks (Middle East edition)

  • In the face of all-too-obvious problems, small publishing houses and modern printing facilities are popping up throughout the Arab world (Bookseller.com)
  • Dubai adds a literary festival to its cultural boom (Kipp Report)
  • Iraq’s National Library soldiers on after being looted by vandals and neglected by the occupying powers (The Nation)
  • An interview with Bahaa Taher, winner of this year’s inaugural International Prize for Arabic fiction (The Guardian)
  • Two independent U.K. publishers join forces to create a list devoted to translations of new Arabic fiction (Bookseller.com)
  • And finally, an overview of the progress made by all this progress (The Independent)
  • Bonus gossip! Tabloid star Salman Rushdie has a new girlfriend, got writer’s block after divorcing Padma Lakshmi, is appearing as a gynecologist in a film, and was lying when he said he loved Islam.