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Bookmarks: critic saves Nabokov novel, senator saves writer’s home, but nothing could save Duddy Kravitz musical

Some book-related links:

  • Did a Slate critic help save Nabokov’s last novel from the flames? (Slate)
  • Ontario senator helps save Joy Kogawa’s childhood home (CBC.ca)
  • Duddy Kravitz: The Musical was doomed from the start “ shocker! (Toronto Star)
  • An interview with Larry McMurtry, indie bookseller (Downtown L.A. Scene)
  • Alberto Manguel, the romantic librarian (The Guardian)
  • Interview with McSweeney’s publisher (Los Angeles Times)
  • Heirs of Superman co-creator get copyright share from DC Comics (Toronto Star – scroll down)
  • Bonus tabloid link: Michigan comic book store owner shot during robbery (MLive.com)
  • Bonus bonus tabloid link: Ginger Spice visits bookstore! With baby! Buys Roald Dahl book! (Celebrity-babies.com)

Quote of the week: “The problem with large bookstores is that they contain usually a lot of junk. My focus as a bookseller is to keep the junk out. Because good books don’t pull bad books up, bad books pull good books down.” “ Larry McMurtry