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Bookmarks: More layoffs at Random House U.S., the credit crunch, and Richard Price’s behind

Sundry links from the Web:

  • More wreckage at Random House U.S.: Pantheon Books publisher Janice Goldklang is laid off after 25 years with the company.
  • How well do you know crime fiction? Take the Ceebs online quiz to find out.
  • You know that heart-wrenching YouTube video, the one where two shaggy-haired hippies are reunited with their long-lost pet lion? Apparently, their story was recorded in a 1972 non-fiction book called A Lion Called Christian, now the sixth most requested out-of-print book on Bookfinder.com.
  • They say that American pop culture is always more inventive when a Republican is in office. Now, The Independent asks whether the credit crunch has a silver lining for literature.
  • If 2008 was the year of Roberto Bolaño, will 2009 be the year of Richard Yates?
  • Richard Price threatens to bare his ass.