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One-on-one with Alice Munro

It’s a celebration of Alice Munro this week in The New Yorker. In this week’s issue, the magazine is publishing no less than three linked Munro stories; the first of them, “Chance,” is available free of charge on the magazine’s website. Also on the site is a web-only feature: an interview with Munro conducted by New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman. (Treisman has her own Canadian connection, having lived in Vancouver and worked for Hartley & Marks.)

Munro is publishing a new short-story collection, Runaway, this fall, and McClelland & Stewart reportedly has an ambitious marketing plan for the book. But with Munro on the reclusive side these days, this may be a rare opportunity to hear her speak. (“Hear” being the operative word — the interview is in streaming audio format.)

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