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I have my lifetime to regret everything in the book.

On the eve of the announcement of her place amongst Man Booker finalists, Zadie Smith gives a candid interview to New York magazine’s Boris Kachka. Following a recent return to Britain from a Harvard fellowship, Smith makes self-deprecating remarks about her latest novel, On Beauty, adding, “the publishers are selling the book. I’m writing the book. That’s two separate deals. My dad sold things his whole life; I don’t sell things. I got into this business so I didn’t have to sell anything.”

Calling England a “terrifying” and “disgusting” place, Smith has drawn harsh criticism in the British media for those scathing opinions. Exploding onto the literary scene at age 25 with her debut novel, White Teeth, Smith has been made a target of England’s celebrity culture, much to the detriment of her private life. “I want to get on the Tube,” she says. “I want to have a life. I’m not interested in being stared at.”

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