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Making a scene

Which is better for a writer’s development (and career) — living in a major urban centre with a healthy literary “scene,” or honing their craft in relative isolation? Brenda Schmidt, a poet who lives in the mining town of Creighton, Saskatchewan, ponders that question in an essay on the Bookninja.com site. She also polls many other poets, as well, so that her piece offers a multiplicity of questions and answers.

In one representative exchange, Schmidt asks, “most writers seem to believe writers must live near major centres such as Toronto and New York to further their careers. I want to know if writers believe this and why.” To which poet Harold Rhenisch replies: “Nonsense. What does ‘furthering a career’ mean? If it means to be connected to networks, it sure helps. If it means learning to write well, then it’s no help whatsoever. “

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