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May the lampooning begin

On Tom Bartlett’s blog, Minor Tweaks, nestled among delightful non-sequitur features that include letters to consumer products (they, or rather their representatives, answer), dead celebrity iTunes playlists, and cheese reviews, is a send-up of James Frey, who has recently been accused by investigative website The Smoking Gun of falsifying much of his bestselling so-called memoir, A Million Little Pieces. The entry, entitled “What I Plan to Embellish for Obvious Dramatic Reasons in My Own Forthcoming Memoir,” is short and simple, but replete with charming lies: “An argument with my roommate over dish duty will become a heroin-fuelled knife fight in some dimly lit, garbage-strewn back alley,” he writes. “My fondness for hot tea will turn into a nasty coke habit…. Instead of following the normal rules of capitalization, I will randomly capitalize common Nouns in order to seem Artsy and Profound even though it’s actually just an annoying Tic.”

(Thanks to BookSlut.com for the link.)

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