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Bookninja co-founder offers a blander blogging alternative

Bookninja co-founder Peter Darbyshire has a new litblog on the site of his employer The Province. After stepping down from blogging duties chez Bookninja a while back, Darbyshire has clearly gone the straight and narrow (read: boring) route and stripped his blog writing of any of the trademark Bookninja-tastic sass-mouth we’ve come to know and love.

A comparison of the two shows that there’s some duplication of content with Bookninja (which is also true, to be fair, of Quillblog), as several posts are covered on both sites.

To see the difference between Darbyshire’s present terse reportage and the trash-talky delights available at his former baby, check out the June 16th postings. Darbyshire’s coverage of the decline of the bona fide book club among some young New York ladies reads, “We all know that book clubs are really an excuse to have a few drinks and socialize with friends. One club decided they could do that better if they curtailed their discussions of books.” Over at Bookninja, however, fellow Bookninja co-founder George Murray leads off his post about it with, “Elie Wiesel gets trumped by oral sex lessons.”

We love ya, Peter, but we’re gonna stick with Bookninja. ‘Cause ninjas are cooler than provinces.

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June 27th, 2006

12:00 am

Category: Book news