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Books join the Netflix age

Bookninja links to a Ledger story about a new service offered by Florida libraries that delivers your books right to your doorstep. All residents of Polk County can take advantage of Polk County Library Collective’s BMail. Says the story: “There is no cost to have the books mailed to a residence. People are responsible for returning the book either to any county library or to the bookmobile. Residents can mail the books back, but must pay for the return shipping themselves, unless they are medically disabled and have a doctor’s note to verify that. Then there is no charge.”

All patrons have to do is go onto the website, poke about for whatever book, video, or newspaper they want, provide their library location and library card number, and presto! As quick as you can say Netflix-a-riffic, up to four books’ll be winging their way toward them.

But part of the fun of a library is browsing through the books, feeling their worn old covers, laughing at the funny author photos, submitting yourself to the wrath of the librarian if your books are late or you’re rustling your newspaper too loud, and being in the company of others who love to read just as much as you. So while the convenience might be nice (and it is tempting to kiss waiting in line goodbye), we’re all for heading back to the library again and again — being there is part of the thrill of the hunt…

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