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Whither the novelization? That’s the question Slate asks in a recent piece, noting that the once-thriving literary subgenre of quickie screenplay adaptations is now limited to only the most genre-friendly of movies. For example, there are book versions of Superman Returns and X-Men: The Last Stand available, both written by veteran comic-book writers.

In taking a quick look at the history of the novelization, Slate pays special attention to William Kotzwinkle, who wrote the million-selling E.T. novelization and a later sequel, and has since found success in the kidlit field with the Walter the Farting Dog series. (The E.T. book, argues Slate, is “irredeemably bad.”)

And although it’s not mentioned in the Slate piece, starting on July 11 you can buy Snakes on a Plane: A Novel, just in case you can’t wait until the film’s release to find out how Samuel L. Jackson gets those motherf—ing snakes off his plane.

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