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The continuing decline of the book club

After we reported last month on certain New York young ladies who eschew reading in favour of X-rated gabbing in their book clubs, Quillblog has another book club shocker, courtesy of a Bookninja-linked Denver Post story.

Post columnist Bill Husted relates a story of his coffee date with a successful local author; when women’s book clubs came up, the author “leaned toward [him] and said in a low voice, ‘Let me let you in on a dirty little secret. They don’t read the books.'”

Tell us something we don’t know.

But a group of eight Denver women have subbed in other reading material — they read magazines instead. “Once a month, they meet in a restaurant. Over drinks, each member brings a magazine she has read and talks about an article in it,” according to the story. Choices are all over the map, and include People and Vanity Fair.

But The New Yorker is their real favourite. Why? “We cut out pictures from the magazines and make a diorama,” says member Christina Brickley. “The [New Yorker] cartoons make excellent wallpaper for the dioramas.”

In defense of this buffoonery, she says that their membership, made up of career women and moms, “all have enough time to read an article.”

And make dioramas.

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