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Sci-fi groping brouhaha

Harlan Ellison brought some much-needed scandale to the Hugos when he groped fellow sci-fi scribe Connie Willis and kissed her for good measure when accepting his Special Committee Award this week. He also put the microphone in his mouth.

(At least, we think that’s what happened: the picture at midamercon.org’s photo gallery shows a strange object protruding from Ellison’s maw pre-acceptance. Adding to the strangeness are the hammer and duct tape on the podium.)

The nerd blogs were up in arms over the incident denouncing Ellison as a “boorish pig” (Edward Champion’s Return of the Reluctant) and “taking all the fun out of being in the genre and not inspiring anyone with anything but horror and the urge to vomit and throw out their books.”

What Ellison needs is his own Marty McFly to teach him how to behave around a woman.

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