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Revenge: the healing journey

Elvis Costello once said his work was mainly driven by “guilt and revenge.” That apparently goes for Michael Crichton, too, if you replace “guilt” with “environmental catastrophe denial.” As The New York Times reports, Crichton has apparently used his new novel, Next, to settle a score — in the most ham-fisted manner possible.

Earlier this year, Washington political columnist and Yale grad Michael Crowley wrote a piece in The New Republic criticizing Crichton’s attempts to influence public policy regarding the environment. And now, the newly published Next features a throwaway reference to a character named “Mick Crowley,” who just happens to be a Washington political columnist and Yale grad. Oh, and who also just happens to be awaiting trial for sexually assaulting a two-year-old. Oh, and who’s also, um, poorly endowed.

Well, maybe Crichton feels better now, anyway.

Crowley has written about the “literary hit and run” on the New Republic site, but you need a subscription to read it. The Times also has a recap.

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