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We’re not sure if this is 100% accurate, but the Fox Business website is claiming that a new book “ The Book of ‘Bert’: High-Class Stars with Some High-Class ‘Stache “ is the first book to boast its very own theme song.

The [book], published April 1 by Triad Publishing Group, has named Toronto-based rockers The Guys’ “Man with a Moustache” as its official theme song. The song was selected by author Jon Chattman, who heard the ditty and thought it meshed nicely with the book’s concept.


‘Bert’ is a romp through mustache history featuring 25 well-known personalities profiled and ranked on their mustache integrity. It includes lists in various categories boasting everything from best TV dads with mustaches to best mustachioed wrestlers, and a foreward by music legend John Oates.

“I’m pretty sure ‘Bert’ is the first book to come with a theme song, and that’s quite a groundbreaking achievement,” Chattman said. “I recall yearning for books I read in school to have a rocking theme song like ‘Eye of the Tiger’ or an obscurely enjoyable tune like Frasier‘s ‘Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs’. The Guys’ tune is a song men can get behind, and women can dance to.”

If ‘Bert’ is indeed the first book to have its own theme song, it’s certainly not the first book to have musical accompaniment. Just last fall, Penguin Canada co-produced a full-length soundtrack to Will Ferguson’s Spanish Fly, composed by Calgary artist Tom Phillips and with lyrics by Ferguson himself. We’re guessing it wasn’t a chart topper…