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CNN commentator calls books for boys “emasculating”

Glenn Beck, a conservative political commentator who appears regularly on CNN Headline News, recently welcomed U.S. children’s book author Ted Bell to his show, in order to sing the praises of Bell’s new adventure title, Nick of Time. However, it seems clear from the lack of interest Beck shows in Bell that the whole point of the interview is simply to expound on the need for more manly books for boys.

“Try to find a book today that’s aimed at young male readers “ they are emasculating!” says Beck. “They’re no longer about values, or virtue, or the spirit of adventure, or sticking up for your little sister or yourself. […] When was the last time the heroine did not save the brother, but the brother stood up and saved the girl? It doesn’t happen anymore.”

You can see the full, inane interview here.

As an aside, at one point Bell observes that, when he was growing up, “we had Treasure Island, Captain Blood “ all those wonderful adventures. We don’t have them anymore.” To which we respond: what the %#*&^? Those books were published in the late 1800s. They weren’t remotely his generation’s books. And last time we checked, those books are still around, and still being read by appreciative youngsters.


June 20th, 2008

1:20 pm


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