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Ontario’s new textbook grant

Earlier this year, the Ontario government revealed plans to help university students shoulder the increasing costs of textbooks, but no specific initiatives were announced. Last Wednesday, however, word finally arrived about a new “Textbook and Technology” grant, which received mixed reaction from student groups.

According to Maclean’s:

The government expects 550,000 students attending the province’s public colleges and universities to apply for the new grant.

The $150 grant comes with no strings attached and no requirement for students to provide any documentation to receive the money.

All full-time domestic students will receive the grant, including out-of-province students attending classes in Ontario.


Students welcome this investment aimed at addressing the increasing costs of textbooks and technology, says Trevor Mayoh, president of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance, However, we believe that an investment of this size would have a greater impact if it was targeted at those who need it the most. For example, an investment this large would significantly reduce the unacceptably high debt levels for students in Ontario.

While we’re on the subject, a lengthy, worthwhile piece about the rising cost of textbooks has been posted by the Queen’s University Journal. You can see it here.