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The delicate art of audiobook casting

Reporter Nate DiMeo argues that for all the advances of the U.S. audiobook industry, the art of choosing the right readers has yet to be mastered. In an article on Slate, he lists some of the most notable casting blunders, citing (among other examples) Brad Pitt’s inexpert Spanish on All the Pretty Horses. DiMeo also points out how some readers have achieved a peculiar kind of fame within the industry, such as British voice actor Jim Dale, best known for his work on the Harry Potter series, and former B-movie actor Scott Brick.

For this Quillblogger’s money, the most exciting audiobooks are the ones read by the authors themselves “ Douglas Adams’ reading of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which first saw life as a BBC Radio drama, is a particular fave. It’s too bad Adams isn’t around to read the series’ capstone novel, which is being penned by Irish writer Eoin Colfer and is due for release next fall.