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What’s Omar Khadr reading?

In a Toronto Star article about newly released reports on the life of Omar Khadr, journalist Michelle Shepherd notes that the Canadian Guatanamo Bay detainee “has read Life of Pi” and “loves To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Shepherd also notes one book that Khadr has not yet read:

A copy of Guantanamo’s Child, a book written about his case that a Canadian official had brought to him earlier that year, still had not made it past the censors.

Guantanamo’s Child was written by Shepherd herself. Given the outrageous informational and legal vacuum that Khadr has been kept in for the past six years, there’s not much chance he’ll be poring over that one anytime soon.

(Speaking of politics, Canadian books, and people being trapped within absurd, nightmarish situations that break the spirit and never seem to end, the Star also has a brief interview with Liberal candidate Bob Rae on his experience judging this year’s Giller Prize.)


October 6th, 2008

12:07 pm

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