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Gay author denied a chance to speak to N.B. high schools

Adam Alex Sanchez, an openly gay author whose book, Rainbow Boys, was included on the American Library Association’s list of Best Books for Young Adults in 2002, has been refused the opportunity to speak to high school students in Charlotte County, N.B., after school principals began receiving complaints from parents about the proposed author appearance.

According to the CBC:

Keith Pierce, District 10 superintendent, said he changed his mind about allowing the author to speak in area schools after meeting with school principals.

“A few of them were getting pressure from a few parents, and they just weren’t comfortable going in that direction,” Pierce said.

Some principals felt their schools were just not ready for the kind of presentation that Sanchez will give, he said.

Although it is no doubt true that certain hidebound parents and school principals are “not ready” to hear an author and public speaker present a message of tolerance and respect to their young ‘uns, this Quillblogger suggests that there are likely any number of students in Charlotte County high schools who are struggling with their sexuality and would appreciate hearing that they’re not alone or abnormal.