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Best books of 2008 as chosen by Stephen King, the Atlantic, and Joe the Plumber

It being that time of year, when sleighbells can be heard gently tinkling and readers are inundated with a glut of year-end best-of lists so that they can feel bad about how much they haven’t read in the past 12 months, Paper Cuts has put together a helpful roundup of best books lists for 2008.

Included among them is Stephen King’s predictably eclectic selection, which runs the gamut from a history of the U.S. in the 1960s as seen through the prism of Richard Nixon’s presidency to Stef Penney’s Costa Award-winning novel The Tenderness of Wolves, and the latest potboilers from Dean Koontz and Joseph Wambaugh.

There are also lists from the Atlantic, NPR, The Economist, and “ wait for it “ Joe the Plumber, whose fifteen minutes apparently aren’t up yet. (This Quillblogger initially suspected that Joe’s list was a joke, but it appears to be serious.)

As if that weren’t enough, there’s even some Canadian content. The St. John’s Telegram has a list of the best Canadian cookbooks of 2008.

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