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Bookmarks: More cuts at Borders, Atwood’s Dubai antics, and more

  • Borders announces more layoffs, cutting 136 jobs at their corporate offices
  • After bowing out of the Emirates Airlines International Festival of Literature in Dubai earlier this week over concerns of censorship, Margaret Atwood decides she’ll attend after all “ via videolink
  • Literary Kicks takes a look at a new book of stories inspired by Sonic Youth. The verdict? It’s a teenage riot!
  • Tools of Change roundup: A transcript of Jason Epstein’s keynote speech, thoughts from James Long over at the digitalist, and an address by Canadian Bob Young of lulu.com
  • U.K. magazine The Bookseller unveils its shortlist of the year’s oddest book titles. Curbside Consultation of the Colon clearly has the edge with its alliteration and gentle surrealism